Laura is originally from Chicago, Illinois where much of her free time as an only-child was spent either in front of a television screen or in a movie theater. It was there that she fell in love with film’s ability to completely immerse her in the narrative and allow her to escape the real world (if only for a couple of hours).

Always knowing she wanted to move to the City of Angels, she attended Loyola Marymount University and received her Bachelor Degree in Film and Television Production from one of the top ranked film schools in the nation.

During her time at LMU she lensed over a dozen thesis films and was awarded the “Ian Conner Cinematography Award” for her work upon graduating.

In the same year as graduating from college, Laura was offered her first feature film, “Brother’s In Arms,” which was distributed in the US and UK and was also offered on Amazon Prime. Her work has gained the attention of notable actors- Conrad Ricamora (How to Get Away with Murder), J. Mallory Mccree (Quantico, The Defenders), and Sally Pressman (Army Wives) who she has collaborated with on their personal projects. 

She has been fortunate enough to work with and mentor under Emmy award winner, Tim Suhrstedt, ASC and Mark Weingartner, ASC. Watching them work has shown her how much she respects the craft of cinematography and how much more she has to learn.

Laura is particularly drawn to narrative dramas that deal with emotional struggle and that explore the complexity of the human psyche.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


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